AGAPÉ FILMWORKS is a video production company that specializes in wedding filmmaking. Our films combine cinematography, audio, and editing to create unique wedding films. We are open to travel anywhere in the world to film the weddings of amazing couples who would enjoy having us.  I studied film at Texas Christian University where I grew to love the art of filmmaking. I also minored in business since I knew I wanted to start with my own video production company as soon as possible. 

A little something fun - "My hobbies are Piano, watch films and TV shows on Netflix, anime, going out with my family and friends to eat "

Now more than ever I think it is a great time to be an independent filmmaker. The advances in camera technology over the last decade have been incredible. With the introduction of video in the DSLR, high quality filmmaking has become possible for anyone who wants to start a video production company. Cameras are no longer bulky and editing systems are now so advanced a wedding can be made to look like a movie. It's this excitement for the opportunities to create cinematic films that got me hooked into starting this business.

I can't wait to capture every moment of your wedding day!

Abel Pérez Arita

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